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elegant room at 69 Harley Street

121 Skin is a revolutionary skin clinic using advanced cell regeneration technology to produce collagen, fibrin, elastin and other proteins in our patients.

We do not use fillers at 121 skin such as Botox, we believe that natural rehabilitation of our own cells and proteins is the optimal way forward for healthier skin and a more youthful appearance.

PRGF is not a fad treatment and with over 20 years of clinical data and publications if some of the worlds most esteems scientific journals, it is already being used by some of the worlds top sports stars for cell regeneration and celebrities.

We take the plasma from our patients and use it for facial aesthetics to stop the effects of time, heal damaged skin and reduce wrinkles.

121 Skin is located at 69 harley Street, the worlds center of medical excellence. All of our clinicians are fully trained and are certified to carry out the procedure for advanced facial aesthetics.

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